This 1970’s bungalow was in dire need of an update. The architect had a vision that was completely followed by the client: to bring the green of the garden indoors by using scattered green glass. What at first seemed like a bizarre idea has turned into a wonderful project!


This beautiful house in rural Oostkerke, near Damme, is a beautiful mix between old characterful materials combined with the latest techniques. A matt polished concrete floor with pale Simbad Grind fits in perfectly with this. As icing on the cake, we also made the fireplace furniture solid on site in the same concrete.


A little hidden behind a beautiful beech hedge, this contemporary villa is built of red brick. The sleek volumes and straight lines called for a modern floor with just a little more texture for that warm home feeling. Due to the distant sight lines, the matte finish comes into its own.


Private houseThe client, who is also an interior designer, came across this empty house, surrounded by beautiful trees. Linking the old house to a completely new living space created a beautiful connection between the past and the present. The timeless floor in earth tones fits in perfectly with this and brings nature inside.


Concrete is the keyword! Ceiling, wall and floor, all concrete, but slightly different on the floor. The white concrete with a few subtle colored aggregates provides a beautiful contrast in this uniform house. The real eye-catcher is the beautiful central staircase, covered with terrazzo prefab steps.


Completely tucked away along the water, this beautiful villa has undergone a total renovation. Inside, outside, stairs, sills, skirting boards, walls, … we have incorporated the entire package of polished concrete here! The chosen composition forms a perfect link between the rest of the materials used.


This house is hidden among the trees on the outskirts of Brussels. The client wanted a floor with a soft appearance to quickly relax after a busy working day. By opting for a small caliber of granulates in combination with a matte finish, this setup has been completely successful.


An architect’s house as they are not so often placed anymore. A hypermodern home is hidden under the classic thatched roof. The polished terrace with large river gravel and wavy shapes refers to the sea and dunes that lie a few kilometers away.


This tiny house in the center of Ghent has been transformed into a pleasant home to completely unwind. By leaving the authentic elements visible, the architect was looking for a material that combined perfectly with this. It was also decided to use the same polished concrete for the shower floor.


Private house.This new building is made entirely of wood, both on the inside and outside. In order to keep everything in the same colors and to match the natural materials, a dark gray mortar color and natural variegated river gravel were chosen.